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    Rain, Shine, or Fog!Last season the Portland 49er Faithful was home to more then 200 members. If your a 49er Faithful in PDX there is no better place to be than with us!!! Join us on game day during the season to experience the excitement for yourself!
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Season EventsFor PDX Faithful

Annual Draft Day MeetingWe meet at the Wooden Chicken Pub on Saturday of the NFL Draft. We watch the draft and hold the clubs annual business meeting and have a party. The club buys the food.

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Annual Tailgate PartyEach season we select one game to hold our tailgate party in the parking lot of the Wooden Chicken Pub. Our members serve all 49er fans in attendance their best tailgate dishes.

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Portland 49er Faithful CampoutEach summer the club camps out for a weekend. We BBQ, play volleyball and other camping games, boat on the lake, and basically party all weekend long.

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End of Season PartyOn week 17 of each season, the club holds it’s big annual party. The club purchases food, beer, drinks and soft drinks for it’s club members. We watch the last regular season game and hold the Mother of all Raffles (MOAR).

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Portland 49er FaithfulPortland, Oregon

0fficial booster club of the San Francisco 49ers

...And the Quest for Six Continues

Thursday, 16 January 2014 00:00

Kryptonite!!! Seattle's stadium has been kryptonite for the San Fran-cisco 49ers for the past two years and the Niners have had some of their most embarrassing loses to the Seaquacks. But the Arizona Cardinals seem to have found a solution by mentally blocking out the noise and playing their own game thereby doing what no other NFL team has been able to do over the last two years and that's beat the Seaquacks in their own house. And the mo-mentum and swagger that the 49ers are now carrying means that Seattle will suffer their second house defeat this coming Sunday. 


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